Thursday, 17 July 2008


DATO’ SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM TURNED DOWN a police request for him to allow a DNA sample to be taken. (Read here)
It is so CLEAR NOW on what BRAND OF JUSTICE AND TRUTH Anwar Ibrahim was promoting when comes to this case of sodomy involving him. Sadly, it wasn’t the one we have much expected from a man who claimed to be fighting for justice and upholding the truth.
In this latest episode of Anwar not giving his cooperation and permission to the police for his DNA to be taken to FACILITATE THE INVESTIGATION in which he is, as the accused, so much involved in, is not just a show of one Malaysian man who defied the laws and extended courtesies given to him, but more so, an act of a man who tried to NOT exposing the truth about the case and to MANIPULATE publicity into a platform to further propagates his innocence by claiming politics as the motivation for his arrests and alleged sodomy charges. When a better and sensible tool in DNA TESTING would have fast given his claimed of innocence and so-called conspiracies much truth and credibility; HE CHOSE NOT TO. WHY?. But that defying stand will be put to rest for good when the police is expected to obtain a REMAND ORDER (tomorrow) from court of law which then entitle them to fully prosecute all standard and required investigation procedures on Anwar Ibrahim, including for his DNA to be taken. Hence, Anwar Ibrahim will be, at least tonight, spending his time under police custody.
MALAYSIANS WANT THE TRUTH especially in a case as highly immoral as sodomy and as highly controversial involving one very prominent politician as Anwar Ibrahim. And that can only be known through due diligent and accorded processes of investigations which in this Anwar case, will depend much on his DNA proof. The NO by Anwar could only add to the belief by many that he is either ESCAPING THE TRUTH OR PLANNING THE TRUTH. Whichever way, it does not look good for both Anwar Ibrahim’s personalities and coming strategies.

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