Saturday, 10 May 2008


The people of Malaysia were upset with YB Karpal Singh (from DAP) for his remarks made in reference to the Sultan of Perak involvements in the controversial reinstatement of Datuk Jamry Sury as the Islamic Religious Affairs Department Head of Perak . Voicing the same sentiment in condemning Karpal was UMNO of course. Too, within expectation, were the GPMS, Belia 4B and many other Malay based organizations. PAS following the lead of its Rakyat who openly too criticized Karpal; can be expected to show the same kind in silent anxious. Maybe (PAS) waiting for further exploiting and insulting by Karpal, before stamping their HUDUD on that ‘Man of the Hour’.
What surprises many is the hiding and calculating (and cautious) stand taken by Karpal owns Party, the DAP. Not a single word or statement is made by anyone among the many vocal and vibrant leaders including the ever-so-hot and provocative Lim Kit Siang in defense of Karpal or the issue in hand. As quoted by Karpal himself (in a press conference at his office in Kuala Lumpur yesterday) saying “My own party leaders have not condemned me for saying what I said. On the other hand, they have not come out openly to support me, which is unfortunate,”. “When it comes to the crunch, the party must, should stand by its chairman as long as the chairman is telling the truth,” he added. source
It wasn’t just you Mr Karpal, in bewilderment. Im afraid, so did thousands of others in DAP. Or perhaps you were indeed making a wrong move a bit too early on your own afterall.
The bigger surprise came in the shape of a Malay majority based party called PKR. They are not just being so absolutely surprisingly quiet on this matter. But they seemed to be almost taken aback in horrifying manner and taken by surprised out of their other main agendas in progress by this unnecessarily initiated issue by Karpal. To further the confusions and heads-banging, the issue was of that involving both the Monarchy (Sultan) and Malays. This is a definite problem for PKR. And we can easily understand WHY. For the very reason of their stated 17 commandments (Matlamat & Asas Perjuangan PKR) which spelt the need for the Sultan as follows: (under subject No 2): Menyemai rasa hormat untuk sistem Raja Berperlembagaan, memperkukuhkan Demokrasi Berparlimen dan menyokong hak dan kuasa rakyat, serentak dengan usaha berterusan untuk meningkatkan rangka politik negara sesuai dengan harapan dan kepentingan rakyat; source
And for the very reason of protecting both the Malays ownership and influence in PKR. Thus to support Karpal shall be seen as against the Sultan, the commandment of the party (Matlamat & Asas Perjuangan PKR) and the majority of its Malay members who do still have the highest regards and respects for the Sultans.
To not supporting Karpal shall be misconstrued by the non-malays (and members of DAP) as untrustworthy partner whom still has more of UMNO traits and ways of doing thing inside it afterall. But of course, PKR can take relief by pointing out the fact that nothing has been done by DAP itself. So why must PKR and PAS bother to initiate any.
So the game of silent has now begin. From a mere smarting and fishing for popularity by the weary Karpal, to now of those bigger consequences and stakes involving not just himself, most probably in court, but also the bond, trust, principles and ethics of the so-called DAP, PKR and PAS COALITION. Well COLLIDING sounds better and about coming too.
Until then…expect this SOUND OF SILENCE to remain SILENT on the outside but not the inside. But more important than anything else...ENJOY THE SILENCE.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Ratepayers in Selangor can forget about the 20 per cent reduction in assessment and the 10 per cent reduction in commercial property tax this year as the state government will not be able to deliver on its promise made in the recent general election.
Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said it was not feasible to implement the rate cuts as the state's economy had not reached a desirable level.
Any reduction this year could have a negative financial impact on the state government.

Its the most simple and correctly proven and oftenly used WISDOM in the world. 'DO NOT PROMISE WHAT YOU CANT DELIVER'.
At the end of the day, REALITY bites.

Khalid was right that it was not feasible to implement the rate cuts as the state's economy had not reached a desirable level. Not Feasible means it is wisely not to do the tax cut. But technically, it can be done.
So now that Khalid and co. have the chance to administer a state; he now knows how difficult it was since, to really governs a state. The act of balancing expenditures and incomes. Promoting healthy financial concepts and controls while keeping viable revenues intact and growing. And to please the Rakyat and fulfilling own political needs and bank's account.
What about the made promises and the now seemingly irrelevant election Manifests? Politicians are all the same. They promise you bridge even where there is no river to build upon.


Blogger Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin is expected to be charged with sedition at the Kuala Lumpur Court in Jalan Duta today.
The 58-year-old confirmed he received a telephone call from a police officer last night informing him to be at the court at 9.30am.
"I was told by an officer to appear in court to be charged with sedition with regard to an article posted on my website."The article he was referring to was "Let's send the Altantuya murderers to hell". It was posted on on April 25. The article contained allegations involving people whose names were given as well as events that allegedly took place just before Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu's murder.
Raja Petra was summoned to the Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department headquarters on Friday to have his statement recorded. He was accompanied by his lawyer, William Leong.
The two came out some two hours later and Leong said that his client refused to answer questions until they were shown the police report lodged against him.

If Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) has the proof of Najib definite involvements, then make the stand (and proved) in the Court of Law. He among all people, has the highest numbers of collaborators and Lawyers (and political associates too) to assist him in doing so. Why engages in public opinion for such case that can result in someone else humiliations? Whats the need in doing so? Whats the catch?

If Raja Petra regards our court of law as shameful and untrusted, hence did thousands of unfortunate others. Not just his ever-so-popular Mr Sharibuu.

Surely with such intensity (and energy) in one man, Raja Petra; with whistle blowers and informers surrounding him, the truth about Malaysians killed in police custodies can easily be ripped open and made public by our dear Raja Petra. Why not do that? Why the double standard then? Were common Malaysians any less important than his favorite, Najib Tun Razak?

If Raja Petra cant find Judiciary platform that suits his highly intellectual thinking and indepth agenda, than fight for the establishment of one. Surely it will take time and efforts, but the whole idea and fight, efforts and scavenging shall meant priceless to million others in vain. Thats a far worthed contributing than anything others.

Just because we hate Najib and our sad judiciary system, it does not give us the absolute right to put everything in one dangling, hanging basket and smashes it to the ground. What more to humiliate a person (Najib) in such a writing that contained fragile and baseless accusations without the mere concern for facts and too, the respect for the court of law.

If we shouted demanding reformation, top to bottom, we should also be prepared to reform our thinking and action. PERIOD.

Im deeply distressed and sad with this kind of people who are taking advantage of the late Altantuya (Aminah) and her family, for the benefits of their CLEAR AND DANGEROUS AGENDA. And knowing Raja Petra, its even more so.
He's not above the LAW. No one does. And he should be made to bear the responsibility of his action IF he's found to be wronged.