Friday, 26 September 2008


In a sudden but somewhat expected event of circumstances, the highest decision making body of the political party UMNO, has decided to postpone their General and Election assembly which was scheduled for December this year to March next year.

The decision was made earlier today in a special convening of UMNO Supreme Council meeting which according to a source, was to discuss the only and most priority and concerning subject of ‘Power Transition’ for the presidency post of UMNO. Although none of the crude details about the meeting were made public, it is believed the deliberations within the meeting were mostly about Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak taking over of UMNO and the process to strengthen and unite all sides in UMNO during that concerning period.
To some prominent UMNO supreme members and the most vocal in against the 2010 transitions, the postponement of the UMNO assembly to March next year, is a victory not just for a personal political principle and power, but more so for UMNO in re-branding era after the Barisan Nasional (BN) poorest showing in the 12th General Election. Their constant insertion and persuasion have made UMNO more liberate in the eyes of many and made history of sorts too.
Many may have believed that this is the end to all speculations and the accrued dateline of March 2009 is just a mere process of getting Najib into place and to allow Pak Lah ( PM Abdullah ) to stamp the usual respected and dignified practise of handing over the baton with a smile. But the truth is, much still depend on this upcoming unchanged event of UMNO Divisional meeting between October 9 and November 9.
They are too many perspectives and views now at the grassroots level since this latest announcement by Pak Lah and UMNO Supreme Council. There are many that don’t quite understand the logic behinds the postponement of the General Assembly. Some of them even argue the sensibility of promoting unity for UMNO when the longer the period of getting the Election or Assembly done, the bigger the speculations and games would surround them.
Transition or not, 2010 or not, UMNO grassroots leaders want affirmation and confirmation. They want to know whether Pak Lah is going to hand over to Najib or not. And they want to know when. These two subjects would put their questions over the postponement date of UMNO General Assembly, to rest. And subsequently, bring the much needed unity back into UMNO.
The postponement of UMNO General Assembly is a landmark and a beginning to something that should already end long ago. It’s a signal of something is about to come that has to do with Pak Lah and his deputy Najib. It’s a welcoming step to those who understand the play that coy behind the curtain before it falls when the show starts. But it’s a show that will yet again change if the audience (UMNO 191 Divisions) decides to stick to the old script and watch the old Broadway instead.
According to a source, an announcement will be made by Pak Lah in near time but not later than November 9. And this has to be none other than the issue of Power Transition. But the whole thing is without doubt, is in the hand of Pak Lah. Not one power within the UMNO Supreme Council can take away the mandate given to an elected UMNO President. They can suggest and talk as much as they want to the boss, but to get to the grill, they still have to purchase the meat at the election-mart which is the UMNO General Assembly.
The postponement is a clear fact that something big is on its way before March 2009 and the indication is due to come from the man himself before November 9.
More to come…

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


After weeks of sabbatical leave, Malaysia political atmosphere, landscape and games are still very much the same since my last writing. Although none is bigger then the Anwar Ibrahim and his so-called prelude and pre-attempt, big-talked saga of a then, failed taking over of the government; the current political and power citations and intimidations within the largest political party in Malaysia, UMNO is the HOTTEST TALK and one that is most eagerly awaited outcome that behold and beneath the thoughts of almost all Malaysians. And it is none other than the revisiting of the subject ‘power transition’ that had been agreed upon earlier between the ‘numero uno’ not so-beloved Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Najib Tun Razak. The decision that now has been challenged by all sorts of reasons by members of UMNO highest ranked decision making committee, which is the Majlis Tertinggi or UMNO Supreme Council.
The transition idea which had been formulated by both Abdullah and Najib ages ago, now seems to be made just days earlier and such is very much subjected to some scrutinise and changes.
While Anwar Ibrahim and his broking of lies may have played a role in getting Abdullah again on the hot pan, the sentiments and the indirect cynical jesters made by some of the ruling Barisan Nasional’s component members,  plus Tun Mahathir’s constance disgust of Abdullah persona and administration,  and the urgent needs of many Malays individuals and Organizations for a better and capable leader to lead Malaysia, and too the economic fundamental standing of Malaysia which kept Malaysians guessing and foreigners running, were of the biggest factors in keeping the pan still burning as well.
But the turning point or point of no return for some of the voiced dissatisfaction over the ‘UMNO transition plan’ came in after the sudden volcanic aftermath of uncensored and unstoppable crystal clear statement made by the now seemingly guardian of UMNO, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. It was then widely reported that some key and prominent UMNO supreme council members had requested for the transition to be made happened as soon as possible; begging, urging and rationalising Abdullah with reasons ranging from the despair Anwar Ibrahim, BN’s unity, UMNO solidarity to even the upcoming 13th National Election. And for every reason the reply given by Abdullah was still the same. And for whatever the purpose and power of a Majlis Tertinggi or a Supreme Council before and thereafter, to enact such a reasonable proposal in such a desperate and needed time, looks anything but happening and most probably would better be done through other means and channels.
But the means are only there IF Najib is to say YES. While it took Tun Mahathir to start the ball rolling and Muhyiddin and his Johoreans cronies to flush it to the public and to 3.2 mils UMNO members; the key is without doubt, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. But only if he is brave enough to say YES.
To undo the already agreed ‘Transition of power’ is now left to the only available and rightly channel, which is the upcoming UMNO general election. And sensing the same, Abdullah now is hurrying himself catching up to some state’s division leaders. He has been making himself ‘the people president’ once again with recent visits and opening fasts in Perak and Selangor. And more is sure to come.
One thing for sure, the games played over this transition issue by Abdullah, Najib, some very strong and key UMNO highest ranking members, and political accomplishes or brokers; are more than what meet the eyes. Meetings and brokering are happening at almost every corner and turn each day.
The chances are, coming this UMNO Election; Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will still be the president of UMNO and Prime Minister of Malaysia. But most probably the transition will happen earlier than the propose 2010 after all.
More to come.