Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Tan Sri Isa Hj Abdul Samad wins the Bagan Pinang state assembly election as expected by many. And he didn’t need to throw punches because Isa Samad is a familiar face and figure in Bagan Pinang whom people loved to have as their representative.

It is said that Isa went to one of this opposition’s supposedly stronghold, stood up and asked the people there why can’t or won’t they chose him as their rep. “I would try my very best to do everything I could (in my power) if I am elected. That i can promise you. But if you want me to be 10 inches taller, that I simply can’t help it. God has made me what I am now. There is simply no way around it”. To this, the crowd replied with laughters and smiles. Isa then added, “as you all know, my wife passes away 3 years ago. I am alone now. So I have ample and lots of time to contribute and do goods for you, the people”. And with smiles and few tears seen among the crowds, no one can deny that what Isa said is absolutely right and spot on.

A legend is to some. A friend is to many. Tan Sri Isa Samad is the right choice for the people in Bagan Pinang as he is "the people" who has been with the people and do loads of things for the people. He may had flaws in the past, now and then, but tell me who doesn’t?

The ‘LITTLE HEAVYWEIGHT’ as he is known among friends, did it for his beloved party UMNO and BN (Barisan Nasional) not just in style but more importantly so, in numbers. He garnered 8013 votes against Zulkefly Mohamad from PAS who managed to get 2578 votes. As the numbers of voters (and the percentages) who turned up to cast their votes were the same as the previous election, what happened then was somewhat unbelievable to the eyes and thoughts of many Pakatan Rakyat forecasters. Not just that Isa managed to gain the biggest of majorities surpassing even the 2004 election (2004/4411 majority and 2009/2333 majority) but also managed to win all the 4 Indian dominated areas which Pakatan Rakyat thought they would had them for free.

Pakatan Rakyat experts such as member of Parliament, Khalid Samad, who believes that the 20% Indians in Bagan Pinang would vote for the opposition (as payback to what happened on 30th August 2009 where 50 protestors marched from the state mosque in Shah Alam to the State Secretariat with a severed cow head, to protest the relocation of the 150-year-old Hindu temple from Section 19 in Selangor) now have to reconsider his thinking and analysis, and what to put next into his mouth now that he has to eat his own words. If there is anyone for the Indians to blame for that 30th August fiasco, it can only be the Selangor State Government and Pakatan Rakyat. Why put blame on someone else? And what the heck has Bagan Pinang got to do with Selangor?

There is no magic. Not even a miracle happened there in Bagan Pinang. It is just that people are no longer stupid to know what value and matter most to them. The people in Bagan Pinang and Malaysia (If I may add) are tired of the same old stories, ideologies and dirty tactics, prelude and stuffed into their heads by the Pakatan Rakyat. Stories, talks and shits won’t feed the people’s bellies, not anymore. Won’t be paying their bills. And certainly won’t be promising any ‘syurga’ (heaven). And what in the name of god have the ‘30th August Shah Alam’ incident and the ‘S.Kugan’s case’ fairytale got anything to do with the welfare and wellbeing of people in Bagan Pinang? Yet, no joke. These were the main issues brought up by Pakatan Rakyat in Bagan Pinang thinking that Malaysians were still na├»ve and hungry for sensational rather than rational. How would and could the Bagan Pinang’s people (and us for this matter) trust such leaders and party if the concerns are more for their political ambition rather than for the needs of the people?

Monday, 24 August 2009


It may sound nothing to those who would like to think it as just another small storm in a cup waiting to be gulped into the ever-growing belly of the unspeakable, untold and undeniable truths on the disintegration within the PAKATAN (Pakatan Rakyat) hence taking it for granted. BUT the resignation of ADUN Lunas, YB Mohd Radzi Salleh from his, used to be admired and adhered to party, the PKR (Parti KeAdilan Rakyat), is a sign of other bigger, brewer and worst things to come.
YB Mohd Radzi yesterday made a statement in a press conference joined by his Padang Serai’s PKR Division Leaders and others, confirming his resignation from all posts he currently held within the party and quitting the party as well, of course. But he decided to stay on as the State of Kedah’s Exco in charge of Tourism, Community Development and Human Resource as the post is under the appointment and consent of the DYMM Sultan of Kedah. Wisely, only the Sultan of Kedah has the right to expel him, according to YB Radzi.
Not done by that, PKR received yet another blow when Acting PKR Padang Serai Division Head, En. Jamaludin Abu Hassan, also announced his resignation from the party and worst, the dissolution of PKR Padang Serai Division (which has been decided earlier at a Special Division meeting and agreed to by all the attending committee members). He also noted out that the dissolution has been endorsed, accepted and decided upon by members of the Division triggering the automatic departure of 200 hardcore party supporters from the party.
Both YB Radzi and Jamaludin cited the lost of trust toward the party as the main reason. To them, PKR has deviated too long and too far from its originated course and playing not to what ‘a party for the people’ should be. The party is instead plying its political trades to what suited the needs and personal agendas of the few or perhaps of that ‘SPECIAL ONE’ person only named Sultan Anwar Bin Ibrahim.
While the medias were getting excited, Jamaludin presented another killer blow that will knock out many in surprise. He said that he had with him the proof of that N. Gobalakrishnan (PKR’s MP for Padang Serai) was instructed or recommended by ‘THE SPECIAL ONE’ to instigate or create a scene during the nomination day of candidates for the re-election of Permatang Pasir State Assembly seat recently. He added that he had everything in audio video record but decline to elaborate further saying that everything will be out soon in the shape of CDs. And the CDs will speak for themselves.
This ‘soon to be released’ CD-single is definitely going to be a hit and something of a best selling and most sought item not just by the Rakyat and PKR supporters who started to have doubt about the party and its leaders, but the Police too.
The resignation of YB Radzi as ADUN of Lunas. The dissolution of PKR’s Padang Serai Division. And the ‘soon to be revealed’ hidden agenda of N.Gobalakrishnan recent commotion at Permatang Pasir are 3 important notes that happened in a matter of just 1 very serious press conferencing day, that will no doubt affect the current political situation and reshape the understanding within the Pakatan components. But more important, those 3 developments will chart a new perception of the Rakyats toward Pakatan especially PKR. Being a new and still fragile political bonding, the Pakatan can’t afford to have this kind of ‘Karma’ (a re-run of spate of events that took place in Perak) to take shape. What more when 3 subsequent things happened in just 1 day. That is simply too much of a 3-IN-1 thing. And again, it is the PKR who was in the limelight, stealing all the shows away from DAP and PAS, but for all the wrong reasons.
It’s a pack of 3-IN-1 instant coffee as far as the Rakyats are concern. You get a combination of the sweetness of sugar, the bitterness of coffee and the blend of pure white cream to light all up. It’s a story fits for a novel and screen drama. And who wouldn’t want another edition of that, soon. Just like having another cup of coffee for free. Well, put ice if you want to.
But to PKR and ‘THE SPECIAL ONE’ Sultan Anwar Bin Ibrahim; this 3-IN-1 instant pack of ‘POLITICAL COFFEES MADE IN LUNAS’, can ONLY taste of one thing. And that is one heck of such an awful, bitter and ‘hard to swallow’ taste.
More to come…