Friday, 18 July 2008


DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) SHOULD AND COULD NOT be the issue in this latest twist involving THE POLICE and DATO SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM.
It is not a matter of fabricating the evidence, which then can easily BE CHALLENGED in court and be asked for RE-EXAMINATION AND RE-TESTING at a neutral lab under the supervision of neutral experts. It is not a matter of planting an evidence either, as the whole process from the taking of a sample up to the production of a DNA PROFILE, which took as little as 5 hours (depending), can be monitored and even executed by neutral parties or experts. What more when Anwar Ibrahim can even have his own representatives to guard or monitor the whole profiling thing to be sure that none of the given samples be taken away for other use. So what is the excuse NOT TO then?
The issue is more than what meets the eye.
This is what reported of Anwar Ibrahim saying in a press conference on July 1, 2008:
He called on the police not to spring a surprise arrest, adding his lawyers had written three letters to the Inspector General of Police and the Attorney-General indicating his willingness to co-operate in the investigation.
“They did not reply until today. TAKE MY DNA, TAKE MY HAIR ... my hair is everywhere, except this part,” said Anwar as he smiled and patted the middle part of his scalp.
And this is what Anwar Ibrahim said next after he was released prior to him not giving his DNA for investigations.
“I have my reasons, based on the advice of my lawyers and local and foreign DNA experts. My DNA sample is already with the police. Secondly, the accuser is in police custody. Anything can happen. Why the need for DNA from me?
This is then asked of his lawyer R. Sivarasa regarding foreign and neutral DNA expert’s assistance to help Anwar Ibrahim establishing the truth in which R. Sivarasa was reported saying:
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim WILL NOT AGREE to the idea of a FOREIGN FORENSIC EXPERT OF HIS CHOICE to draw a DNA sample from him, said lawyer R. Sivarasa.
“They (the police) fail to understand Anwar’s concern as explained this afternoon. It does not address the possible fabrication of DNA (test results) starting with Saiful (Bukhari Azlan) himself,”
To a question whether Anwar and his lawyers would consider allowing the international expert to carry out the DNA test, he said they could “start to look at that” as the expert might be able to advise them.
However, he said this would not make a difference if there was a possibility that the samples would be tampered with.
He said they would RESIST ANY LEGAL ACTION for Anwar to provide a DNA sample because the law does not provide for it.
Then came the last straw set by Anwar Ibrahim in order for him to give his sample for DNA testing. As reported:
At his press conference earlier, Anwar had said that if there was “compelling evidence one, two, three and four which needs an international expert,” then he would be willing to submit to DNA testing.
Meaning, UNLESS the police has one, two, three, four or more evidence, which then shall be attended and verified only by international foreign experts, he won’t be submitting any samples for DNA testing even for the CAUSE TO ESTABLISH HIS INNOCENCE.
Anwar Ibrahim said YES then NO then YES then NO then YES with conditions but then a NO UNLESS. So how can we expect to believe Anwar Ibrahim anymore??
He does not trust the police, the lab and the system. He trusts only advice given by foreign experts. The authority then suggested him to have his experts to monitor the sampling process. He bombarded the idea suggesting it as not enough a courtesy. The authority then suggested him to have his choice of foreign DNA experts to co-work with the whole DNA profiling process. He mocked the idea saying it isn’t good enough as evidence can still be fabricated. So what on earth is the way befits him that he wants? Why and what with all those excuses and reasons and escapes?? Why is he not eagerly wanting and seeking the truth and get this whole sodomy thing done once and for all? It only takes 5 hours to get a DNA profile done? What so frustrating about that? 5 hours under the eyes, microscope and hands of his own trusted and chosen DNA technicians and experts who will make sure that none of the given samples be taken away for other use. So what the issue does fabrication of evidence is and now has then? None at all! So why keep on giving excuses after excuses? Shocking, surprising, confusing yet so amusing.
DNA IS NOT THE PROBLEM so too the police and the foreign experts. THE PROBLEM IS ANWAR IBRAHIM.
As ODD AND TWISTED as the DNA may looks like, ANWAR IBRAHIM RINGING EXCUSES ARE FAR TOO TWISTED to believe that such molecules still very much alive and exist in a man’s body.


Anonymous said...

I think DSAI dah takde DNA nak beri. Darah dia warna putih. Thats why dia tak boleh bagi.

mohad said...

salam... apa khabar sekarang..

Anonymous said...

kalau betul saiful tu kena liwat, apa kata panggil dia buat press conference, biar public tanya soalan.

soalan pertama aku nak tanya:
- at first place, kenapa dia allow anwar liwat dia? Gay ke apa Saiful ni?
- badan punya besar, takkan Saiful ni tak boleh belasah Anwar yang tua gayut tu?
- brapa kali kena liwat? kenapa tak report after first incident?

suruh saiful jawab.

Soalan lain kemudian..

Anonymous said...

The DNA would reveal everything. Till then nothing is much known to any of us.

DSAI should just gives the DNA. Its not just him seeking the truth. All of us want the truth.


Anonymous said...

DNA would reveal everything? Yeah right.. ko byk sgt tengok karton CSI.

What if they plant the DNA on Saifool cloth, underwear etc?

DSAI had given his DNA 10 years back, and its the same DNA profile. Why they need new one? I know the answer, but i bet you dont.

Did you watch Najib explanation regarding Saifool? At first he met him because of Scholarship, and then because of being sodomized? Who the hell is Saiful? Senang sgt nak jumpa najib (2nd most important position in country) timbalan PM. Sekolah pon drop exam...

Come on la... give concrete explanation. Saifool should face the public. Nak malu apa lagi dah...gambar dia pon semua orang dah tgk. Dia pon dah announce dia kena liwat. So come, step out.. explain to the public what really happened.

Aku tak percaya la orang boleh senang2 liwat bontot JANTAN lain... byk kali pulak tu..

Anonymous said...

saiful tuduh anwar
saiful la buktikan anwar bersalah
apsal plak anwar yang nak kena buktikan dia tak bersalah.

get what i mean?

bodoh. itulah ko mana tau
ko tak skolah!

Wakmasnoor said...

Wasalam Ijad.

baik2 saja. thanks.

Wakmasnoor said...

anon @ 7.33pm

banyak faktor yg boleh dipertimbangkan. but still all remain...speculations.


Wakmasnoor said...

anon @ 10.41pm.

agreed. thanks.

Wakmasnoor said...

anon @ 11.35pm.

planted and tempered are two diff things.

DNA can be tempered but planted?

anyway...profil DNA DSAI 10 thn lepas is not admisible anymore in court. for 2 reasons. pse care to find out why.


Unknown said...

Someones DNA profile is permanently the same. Takkanla boleh tukar tiba tiba lepas 10 tahun. Why not admissable in court?
Why should you need a new sample? Whoever questions Anwars actions right now must be a BN/UMNOputra hardcore supporter. Love your country and your people. Don't let injustice prevail. It has been going on for too long.
I don't really support Anwar Ibrahim but since this scandal I really hope he can have a fair fight in the elections. Any person deserves a fair shot.
The corrupt and rich cronies don't want to lose their grip so they are pulling out all the stops to bring him down.
Don't bring up race issues and cloud peoples mind.

Wakmasnoor said...

Hi Daniel.

Nobody is saying that DNA can be changed. Read carefully dear.

As for the DNA required, this is a whole new case. 10 years ago, Anwar's DNA was taken under the guidance of 'Akta Penyakit Berjangkit'. This too was only done when Anwar was then complaining of unspecified sort of disease that bothering him. But the DNA profiled under that pretext never got through the court during that time. It was used as a reference. Cos M'sia dont have specific rule or act giving permission in using DNA for criminal related charges eg. sodomy. Thats why they need DSAI to permit his DNA.

As for the corrupts and cronies, i guess everyone have their fair share including Anwar.

As for the race issue...the harping was only yours.


Anonymous said...

How on earth can a strong robust 23be raped by a 60plus old man?

Only a school drop-out supported by drop-outs can come out with such unimaginative allegations.

Swar on the Quran? We don't need any more jails in Malaysia ...

I think any ordinary Malaysian will find all this hard to believe. As for DNA... look you are all suffering from CSI syndrome. Even overseas... many cases based on DNA evidence are being overturned... as we are not that advance as we think we are in this area of forensic science.