Thursday, 17 July 2008


The QUESTION is not WHY ANWAR wasn’t given the benefit of the agreed Wednesday 2 pm extended schedule before he was apprehended, but rather, WHY ANWAR DEFIED an earlier police order requesting him to be present on MONDAY? Why Anwar not doing so the DAY AFTER? And why Anwar CHOSE TO give priority and attended to Anti Coruption Agency’s hearing instead of adhering and obeying to the urgency of an ARREST WARRANT on behalf of the police on him to facilitate the sodomy case involving him? WHY ANWAR?
He snubbed and mocked the authority of the police by staying at home instead of attending to police request for him to make himself available on Monday. He then cited police discourtesy as the main reason for HIS PAYBACK in not adhering to the Monday request. WHY ANWAR?
So much for his proclaimed ‘WILLINGNESS’ and yet he made NO such effort at all to either contact the police or to attend to the police on TUESDAY. WHY ANWAR? 24 ABSOLUTE FREE HOURS for him to make things easier for both him and the police, if ONLY he chooses to stay true to his word and intention of ‘willingness’. Instead he did nothing. He knew the police could not come banging his door down without a proper court order which is the arrest warrant. Hence, to say Anwar Ibrahim and his team of 7 legal experts know nothing about this and what’s coming is an absolute lie and ignorance. WHY ANWAR?
On WEDNESDAY, police made known to Anwar Ibrahim, his representatives and all Malaysians, that an arrest warrant has been issued out on Anwar and the police will use the power and regulations given to, if the need arises, apprehends Anwar Ibrahim. And to have an arrest warrant issued out against you is no child’s play and kidding. The seriousness in one would have had any sensible Malaysian losing sleep and eating appetites worrying about one. But NOT our dearest Anwar Ibrahim. He chose the ‘on need and free basis’ appointment with the ACA instead of obeying the arrest warrant. An ACA’s appointment which he could have easily postponed without anyone blaming him for. WHY ANWAR?
He made a promise earlier with the police to straight away go to Kuala Lumpur police headquarters after the ACA’s session. But yet again, he did not. He DIVERTED his route towards his house in Segambut Dalam. With yet another melodramatic reason, this time of lunch and dresses. WHY ANWAR?
Anwar Ibrahim has been requested, invited, served and entertained up to the nose. He has been given treatments that none other Malaysians would have throughout their entire lifetime dealing with the police. He has been defying not one but many rightly requests and laws and acted himself above even the Sultan and all Malaysians. WHY ANWAR? Yet we still do not want to see and believe what the real Anwar Ibrahim looks like.
“No one is above the law”. I and you and hundreds Non-Government Organizations (NGO) have made that one statement as our course of promoting, mission worth action and basis principle to civilization. And if the laws require you to adhere, obey and act to one and as long it is within its guiding perimeters, then we should all be a sensible civilized Malaysian and respect the wishes of Malaysians and the land Malaysia. And that includes SULTAN ANWAR BIN IBRAHIM!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure YOU believe what you've written and probably a few others as well but I for one do not and most probably a lot of others as well. Continue your writing tho and just make sure it come from your heart.

Fellow(?)umno member

Letting the time pass me by said...

Bro.. suatu posting yang menarik dan aku rasa neutral...

Aku pun tak paham sangat taktik Anwar nie... tapi kalau kita mengikuti sejarah perjuangan politik Anwar, dia memang sukakan thrill dan protes.. Sebab tu bila duduk dalam UMNO dia tak senang, sebab dia tak de siapa nak protes atau nak lawan... Dia tak tahu siapa yang boleh dikritik...

Mungkin memang takdir Anwar yang sinonim dengan imej "rebel" dan pembangkang yang mneyebabkan dia sekarang duduk diluar kerajaan..

Anonymous said...

A man with 1000+++ excuses...that's what Anwar Ibrahim is.

Why can't he just be straight and finish off this case once and for all.

I can't understand this guy.

He is a sick man...

Anonymous said...


Wakmasnoor said...

anon @ 6.52pm.

this has nothing to do with whats inside our heart. it has more to do with 'just'.

remember the saying...dont judge the book by the cover..?


Wakmasnoor said...

Salam sahabat ku Hisham.

Agreed. membingungkan....emm.

thanks bro.

Wakmasnoor said...

Hi daniel.

we all got way or another...not just DSAI.

thanks mate.