Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Selangor Menteri Besar (MB) YB Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, the current MB for the State of Selangor, for the second term, ISN'T BUDGING from leaving his post as MB, not until his term ends which is until the next General Election. He made the statement while the issue of replacing him is still hot in the pan, and getting hotter. He made it clear to everyone and that including his boss, SULTAN ANWAR BIN IBRAHIM.(read source) 

So many issues and speculations have made into town since it first made known of Anwar Ibrahim dislike for the way Khalid is managing Selangor. Bible confiscation by JAIS including raids, KIDEX disagreement and SYABAS's deal were, as told, among the biggest that Khalid somehow has failed, according to many Pakatan, especially PKR, top brasses. These brasses of people, from the inside and outside, shared the so called failures of Khalid to the public (People of Selangor mainly) not once, twice BUT as many times as they could through many forums as well. Mind us, it hasn't stop until today. The problem with all these JAIS, KIDEX, SYABAS etc upon hearing Khalid being the culprit is that they were issues that were half-told and perhaps half-true as well. Everyone knows Khalid don't decide everything although he has the executive power to do so. How come? Well it's easy. It isn't Khalid and his PKR were the only one who has control over Selangor. 15-seat DAP and 15-seat PAS have their calls too. And with that, their people up in the committees, as councillors, in offices, everywhere in any building that produces projects and monies, and not forgetting SULTAN ANWAR IBRAHIM with all his concubines and cocoons of authorities . So why the sudden Khalid is the culprit? Yes he is at the top of the predator apex, he is afterall MB of Selangor.. BUT if Khalid is to go,THEN SOMEONE ELSE HAVE TO GO AS WELL. If not, it makes no sense all those JAIS, KIDEX and SYABAS things as reasons, since they weren't just the decision of Khalid alone. Don't tell me someone in PAS doesn't know anything about JAIS's raids? Don't tell me those DAP's councillors in Petaling Jaya through MPPJ knew nothing about KIDEX from day one. SYABAS?? Oh come on.. even Anwar knew about it for the last 2 years. If so, WHY only Khalid? Something fishy is going on here.. AND IT DAMN SMELLS. It looks more and more that MB Khalid is a scapegoat rather than the culprit. The BIG QUESTION is, what makes him the Scapegoat? Khalid Ibrahim is fighting back. He has made his stand. That means he WOULD NOT surrender his MB post, not in any near date until next Election. Good for Khalid! It's getting HOTTER. Someone will just have to undress and bare everything, finally.

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