Wednesday, 18 June 2008


It’s a WIN or BUST for SAPP and Yong Teck Lee from now on, the way I see it. There’s no turning back when the path you chose spelt DISASTER for either parties. For Pak Lah, he can ONLY hope for sense and sensibility from his disappearing peers in the Coalition force (sitting in Parliament) and from UMNO. As for SAPP, they can start counting their days in BARISAN NASIONAL (BN) even IF their wish of NO CONFIDENCE on Pak Lah does go through and made the impact. Because, the principle of which they embarked on, worth NO TRUSTING at all.
While Pak Lah is a clear cut leader who had less vision on how to lead the nation and losing popularity as fast as melting butter in hot pan; he lately had been seen going places promoting honest intentions in trying to reform so many things to which some even had him being branded as giving ways and faces by some quarters of fanatic or hardcore Malay segments, including former PM, Tun Mahathir Mohamad.
Yong Teck Lee too had been at places. The most recent was Hong Kong, where he had a meeting with Anwar Ibrahim, which Yong then countless times DENIED IT but today seen candidly SMILLING, ADMITING to his so-rumoured of meeting Anwar as TRUTH, with no further elaborations. Infact, he added, he had met Anwar TWICE, with the second meeting taaken place in KL. Also without further elaborations. So he LIED then. He manipulated everyone, thinking that SAPP was very much in solidarity with BN and Pak Lah, and was very much in honesty and truly living to the spirit and good-name of BN.
Pak Lah KNEW about this. He knew about those meeting taken place. That was why Pak Lah had been seen splashing all sorts of incentives and monetary schemes to Sabah and Sarawak, hoping with those he can calmed Sabahan leaders and also to buy trust and time in order for him to sort the other big part of his political troubles, which is UMNO. He didn’t anticipate this SAPP thing, coming. Nobody did, although Tengku Razaleigh had a few days back mentioned about it. Pak Lah didn’t take the call by Anwar Ibrahim about something to come before August, SERIOUSLY. Anwar even mentioned about SABAH. Sadly, that’s the PITY of having to know Pak Lah. HE TOOK THINGS FOR GRANTED.
SAPP has every right to question their leader of BN and govt on matters pertaining to their state, Sabah. SAPP has every right to push for something that benefits the people of Sabah. SAPP has every right to charter the course that may bring PEACE and WEALTH to the people of Sabah. BUT to demand OIL ROYALTY at a STAGGERING 20% and the RETURNS OF LABUAN TO SABAH are of wishes (or demand) that NOT PAK LAH, NOT EVEN the great Tun Mahathir (if he’s in power) OR any leader for that matter, WOULD ENTERTAINED AND OBLIGED TO. Those demands are not just affecting the government but MALAYSIA as a country as well.
All these years, revenues from all sorts of sectors belong to Malaysian, have been channelled and used for the greater improvement of Sabah and Sarawak (and vice versa). And although the progress in both states in reality were far from impressive, the proportions of the allotments, have been fair taking into all considerations including the size of both states compared to states in Peninsular Malaysia.
The fact is, SAPP is demanding for the UNTHINKABLE INCLUDING the DISGUSTED request for AUTONOMOUS POLITICAL POWER OF SABAH. YES goodness me! AUTONOMOUS SABAH!!! Meaning, SAPP wants Sabah to be literally much politically SEPARATED (in Power) from Malaysia (Peninsula), of those very aspects we have lived, fought and agreed by, for and to! These are NOT HONEST REQUESTS for the people of Sabah. These are RHETORICAL TRICKS put up TO BAIT OTHERS INTO SAPP HIDDEN AGENDAS of which ANWAR IBRAHIM could be much to do with it. Afterall, Anwar was then one of the KEY PLAYERS and CULPRITS who represents the Federal Power in asserting Federal authoritarian onto Sabah, by introducing UMNO in the early 90's to prohibit and prevent the then on-going insertions of Sabahan (and ethnicities) sentiments amongst the people by Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS).
SAPP would do JUST, FAIRNESS AND FAVOUR to all Malaysian BY SKIPPING ALL THESE RHETORIC IDIOCIES AND FILE FOR DIVORCE FROM BARISAN NASIONA!. We (the Rakyat) had ENOUGH SUFFERING. We don’t need this to add to our already miserable and uncertain daily livelihood.

SAPP should go on its own. They can take the 2 parliamentary seats which are rightly NOT THEIRS, be a PROUD INDEPENDENT SABAHAN PARTY and see how well their agendas would do good to themselves and more importantly, to the people of Sabah. That is a challenge far worth in dignity and sincerity THAN threatening Pak Lah (and all Malaysians, in a way) for the SO OBVIOUSLY ABSURD REASONS GIVEN, which even the dumbest of me, cant be that dumb to logically, accepted IT.
We are so sure that Pak Lah time will come, in which he will let go or made to let go, leaving whatever legacy, both as President of UMNO and Prime Minister of Malaysia. (Which I wont be bother to care at all). BUT for SAPP and Yong Teck Lee, WIN OR BUST, THEY DEFINITELY HAVE TO START THINKING ABOUT LEAVING.


sleeping hollow said...

They will go out of BN. I think they have no choice.

This is good for PR bcoz we can get 2 extra seats.

But i dont approve this kind of way to win power.

Wakmasnoor said...

They should divorced themselves from BN. That way, people shall see more sincerity and dignity in them, rather than hanging themselves dry from now onwards.

Anonymous said...

They can never win la... Its a losing game.