Thursday, 19 June 2008


Less than 24 hours of the DEFIANCE AND CONTROVERSIAL calling for PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to be CENSURED by way of a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE in Parliament , DATUK YONG TECK LEE (Chief of SAPP) IS REVEALED!
50 years ol’ lawyer turned politician, Yong Teck Lee (or famously known as Sabah’s YTL) is a heck of politician with colours of no less colourful than any other controversial, historical and shameful politicians whom making mockeries out of Rakyat’s trust and elect.
DESERTING the Party and People who had gave their TRUST and LOYALTY, is nothing new to YTL. He has done that upon Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS), influencing other members to dump the still PBS President and former Sabah CM, Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan, forming a new party called SAPP. Back then, the person who had much to do, persuaded and orchestrated this cruel move by YTL and co, is none other than the current so-called De Facto leader of PKR, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim. With the blessing from former PM, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, of course, after BN fails to win Sabah for the fourth time. And now he’s about TO DO THE SAME with SAPP, manipulating the party into believing of the some wonderful things to come, WORST, YET AGAIN deserting the trust and mandate given by the common party (SAPP) members and Sabahans in general. He has been riding on the common things which spelt same as to the ‘TWENTY-POINTS’ memoranda as submitted to then PM, Tunku Abdul Rahman before the formation of Malaysia; and more.
YTL OR as phrased as in Bahasa Malaysia ‘YANG TAK LARI’ is never far from the matters involving LAWS. His political career and personal liking has seen him IN AND OUT OF COURTROOMS, too many too often.
In May 1986 he was on a charge of possession of DANGEROUS WEAPONS.
In December 1990 he was charged with disobeying a police order to disperse in an alleged illegal procession.
Two months after YTL took office as Sabah CM, Pairin filed a defamation suit against him.
In October 1997, Yong was among several others named in a suit alleging conspiracy to remove Forestry Department acting director Awang Tengah Awang Amin from his post and to sign off forest management units to various individuals and companies.
In June 2001, Yong lost his Likas state seat after the Election Court ruled that the electoral roll in the March 1999 elections was tainted with illegal voters. The court also ruled that Yong's agents contravened the Election Offences Act by using billboards to smear a rival candidate.
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(further inputs from NST)
Yong also came under heavy criticism over a debacle involving the Saham Amanah Sabah which resulted in more than 57,000 Sabahans, who had invested in the fund, losing more than RM400 million.

The fund, launched during his tenure as chief minister, was managed by Saham Sabah Bhd (SSB), a government-investment arm.

One of the most controversial deals was SSB's move to exchange 32 million shares of blue-chip company MISC Bhd, worth RM182.4 million, for three million shares in North Borneo Timber (NBT) Bhd and 4.79 million Sugar Bun stocks held by Suniwang Sdn Bhd. Yong's friend, Datuk Joseph Ambrose Lee, was the key person behind NBT and Sugar Bun.

The NBT and Sugar Bun shares eventually became almost worthless while MISC continued to pay massive dividends and at today's value, the shares would be worth more than RM1 billion.
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All the above mentioned and revealed, WERE DISGUSTING IF NOT SHOCKING. To let someone of such insincerity and scandals to lead Sabah as its CM from 1996 to 1998 by the then leadership of BN, BRIBING Yong Teck Lee to POWER for his generous act of deserting PBS and Pairin; was a SHAMEFUL ACT WHICH UNDERMINED THE HOPES AND TRUST given by HONEST Sabahans who had voted for HONEST leaders.
And IT clearly shows that YTL or Datuk Yong Teck Lee, is a GREED ‘Persona Grata’ INDEED.


sleeping hollow said...

I think Sabah Politic has already been tainted since day one. They are so greed and Yong is no exception to that.

I dont know why Yong wants to bring trouble to Sabah. And i dont think many Sabah people will support him.

I also surprised with the role of DSAI in this case. But i dont blame him bcoz our PM is useless.

Wakmasnoor said...

All politic endeavors are tainted in a way my friend. Just a matter of how to wash it in public.

Daniel said...


SAPP is just doing whats right for the people of Sabah. We should all be grateful for that.

Pak Lah is the one to be blamed for all these happenings. He is the one who should go.

Wakmasnoor said...

Hi Daniel.

I respect your opinion very much.

Thanks mate.

Daniel said...


Today more revealing about Yong by Pak Lah.

Can you imagine the case about his salahlaku back when he was the ketua menteri for Sabah, is now re open for investigation by BPR??

Maybe Pak Lah is going all out for Yong head.

concernedcitizen said...

We all should get to the bottom of it! We want to know who is speaking the truth. Yong or Dollah?

Im getting fed up with all thins nonsence!

Yong and his party should get out of BN and join PR and then only its fair for him to talk rubbish!

What kind of hypocrisy is this?

TronohNO4122 said...


Wakmasnoor said...

Hi Daniel.

A wrong is a wrong. No two ways about it.

Wakmasnoor said...

Hi concernedcitizen.

Agree with you. SAPP or Yong, whoever may be, should walked away and do the shouting then. Pointless to still being in BN but at the same time, acting like an opp.