Sunday, 29 June 2008


QUESTIONS are flying in at unperturbed speed QUESTIONING the relation between the accused DATO SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM and the accuser (and victim), 23 YEARS OLD MALE BY THE NAME MOHD SAIFUL BUKHARI B. AZLAN.
How come a YOUNG MALE AT THE AGE OF 23 can be and was appointed as a SPECIAL ASSISTANT to such a figure, Anwar Ibrahim, who supposedly and should be more in needs of someone who is much higher in experience and older as one, Special Assistant? A 23 years old hero, who had just graduated into Anwar’s circle 3 months ago, cant be that too exceptionally well to be bestowed with such trust and post as a Special Assistant succeeding many other potential and trustworthy candidates. So what’s the REASON AND RATIONAL for Saiful Bukhari inclusion and appointment then? Whats the CATCH this 23 years old has that no one others have?
Why did Anwar Ibrahim, for such a smart and cautious politician he is, chooses a young male with only 3 months of party experience, to be his Special Assistant? What is so special about this 23 years old male then? What did he see in this 23 years old that others don’t?
Anwar Ibrahim had since, DENIED the truth in the allegation and was contemplating on taking legal actions against the accuser. The accuser and victim, Saiful Bukhari meanwhile is reported to be somewhere in a hospital in Kuala Lumpur most probably for medical investigations. (Read here)
Various statements have also been made by higher members of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) discrediting the accuser/victim and defending their leader Anwar Ibrahim. (Read here) (and here).
One observer who wants to remain anonymous pointed out saying “ Anwar Ibrahim is a very smart, cunning and daring personality. This is no surprising since he was a product and once a student leader of the famous Malay College of Kuala Kangsar (MCKK). An EXCLUSIVE ALL BOYS ONLY COLLEGE AND CLUB”. “3 MONTHS!. That is how long it takes for both of them Anwar and Saiful to know one another. 3 months to get to know one another for a political venture seems QUITE AN ODD ADHOC of a union to me and a funny amazingly easily of how a short span in period of time can have its magic for one to embrace the other”.
“Will it surprise you then… No need to be lah… But we all should wait and don’t easily be caught in all these politically motivated shenanigans. The truth will come out sooner or later. But I already have mine…”
he said closing his arguments.
More to come…


Letting the time pass me by said...

Aku pun pelik jugak... Macamana baru kenal 3 bulan dah boleh angkat jadi Personal Asisstant..

gengGBS said...

Aku rasa macam ada satu benda yang tak kena dgn Anwar ni. Pasal apa ambik yg muda belia jadi pembantu. Dah takde org lain ke?

Wakmasnoor said...

Salam my good friend Hisham.

YES. I agree with you.

Pelik tapi benar. Tapi kenapa ya?

Wakmasnoor said...

Salam genggbs.

Hanya sdr Anwar saja yang tahu.

Anonymous said...

buka ini..

Wakmasnoor said...


me? not really into friendster lah... sorry.