Friday, 13 June 2008


Thousands protested right after Friday prayer marching from Kg Bahru mosque towards KLCC but diverted their supposed route due to Police road-blocking hence headed Jln Tuanku Abdul Rahman and ended there with no reports of any incident whatsoever.

The protest was all about the recent increment of fuel (petrol and diesel) prices which led to other services and goods prices being increased too. While the increased of fuel was much seen as the current government fault of not acting and structuring it wisely, others increased items should also be blamed on UNSCRUPULOUS TRADERS AND PROFITEERS taking advantage of the current scenario. But amazingly they too took part in this protest while racking some amazing Ringgits from unfortunate others, days before and surely days to come.

As seen, although the issue that brought the people marching out of the mosque is clear enough; the motives of CERTAIN PROMINENT INDIVIDUALS collaborating and organizing the protest are without haze, unclear and much less associated to the current propagated and voiced issue. The bearing slogans on almost all the placards were all politically in sense and nature. It was another MILESTONE for some POLITICAL HUNGER MAVERICKS who themselves, like many other irresponsible traders and profiteers; are taking advantage of the people misery for their own personal gains.

The current protest will not solved anything. It wont ring anything new to a government which knew almost everything including the people’s suffering. Instead the current protest showed us what maturity and mind does one leader has when comes to initiate and help the Rakyat. And sadly to some (who lead and organized the protest), they don’t have the slightest idea as to what would ease the suffering of the Rakyat other than “CRY HAVOC AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR”.

If these so-called mavericks really, I meant really want to STRIKE daring and deafening message to the current government, they should themselves and tell others to stop using PETRONAS until the government reaches out to their demand. Afterall, PETRONAS is much in the current happening too. Im NOT SUGGESTING them to do so, but im TELLING them that pulling the Rakyat into participating in Street Protest is a NO and will only add more miseries to Millions others silence Rakyat who had enough suffering and in much needed of better levelled, compassionate and brilliant heads to engage and suggest to the current government of methods that would help all, in a better and civilised conference of environment.

We should be more focussed on how to help ourselves and the government too, in rendering our services and knowledge which then hopefully can be accepted and embraced by this weak government smarties of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. We should forced the government to accept more participations from the public and scholars in addressing the current issue. We should forced the government to sacrifice some unworthy policies and practises surrounding the oil saga, to get the Rakyat to now learn to sacrifice their long beloving relationship with subsidisation, in return.


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Katon, Goukakyu no jutsu.

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Letting the time pass me by said...

I think it is the opposition mentality that still clouded the political lanscape. Even after winning 5 states, they are still consider themselves as opposition. And not a government.

Opposition already has some 80 representative, why must bring people to the street before they even voice out their concern at the Dewan? The MPs can voice out so many Rakyat's concerns if they are really championing the issue of Rakyat.

I think the 80 elected oppositin MPs have not done enough to really convince the Rakyat of the opposition capability.

I think the issue is what have the government do about to address the oil price issue... I am surprised that there is no called by the opposition MP to ask the administration to step down with these all kind of issues..

Maybe the opposition also do ot have any sound plan B, so they just playing around the bush and do not want to take the challenge?

Muhammad Azli Shukri said...

sangat menarik..