Sunday, 15 June 2008


I (and few others) have just been given some (informal) thorough and detailed explanations regarding our OIL AND ITS SUBSIDISATION by some well informed and well involved (in the oil industry) people. The explanations were well and kindly presented, with few rounds of ‘Teh Tarik’ making its ever needed presence on the table.

I am NOW more than satisfied of the whole thing, thus shall too do my part to help others to understand the current issue, better, hopefully. Although I did have some arguments (or suggestions rather) with those guys, on how to improve the current mechanism used by the involved parties and authorities. But of course la…I am mister nobody who would be able to channel those thoughts to the intender. More so, those ideas of mine, maybe, probably, worth nothing or nothing new at all to them. BUT still, the govt has to do something more or introduce more approach that would help to ease the people’s burden. This is a MUST. REGARDLESS of how true and bad can a consequence be to this country IF the 45 years ol’ subsidisation is to continue.

Its too early in the morning now. Forgive me for not elaborating or sharing further. I will…but in another time and given opportunity, perhaps. As for now, i am too tired, too sleepy and too late for my Subuh prayer.

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