Sunday, 6 April 2008


KUALA LUMPUR: There were calls within Umno yesterday for the party's general assembly and elections to go on as scheduled and not be deferred till next year.
Puteri Umno chief Datuk Noraini Ahmad said although there was provision for a postponement, the elections should be held by this year.
In a statement faxed to newspapers, the deputy minister of human resources added that if at all the elections could not be held by August as originally scheduled, then it should take place by December the latest.
In Seremban, Menteri Besar
Datuk Seri Mohamad Hassan said the party elections should be carried out as scheduled as there were no strong reasons to postpone them.
"Personally, I think we should face the problem head-on instead of running away from it. There is no use postponing it because, even if we postpone it for five or six years, the problem will still be there and it might even escalate further," said Mohamad, who is an Umno supreme council member.

He said Umno members have to go back to basics and ask themselves what is more important, personal agenda or the agenda for the struggle of the Malays. "If they joined the party for the struggle of the Malays, then the party elections should go ahead. There is no need for a postponement. "If Umno members still love the party and regard the party as a base to fight for the rights and honour of the Malays, they should proceed with the party polls, even if it is so soon after the general election," Mohamad said after the Negri Sembilan state executive committee meeting.

It was the RIGHT CALL. For whatever the problems are; in practicing and doing DEMOCRACY as the course of action, shall laid the very fundamental aspect of common and sense back in tackling those problems. UMNO election and general assembly (as scheduled this year) MUST BE HELD without any interference and squabbling. To postpone it, is to deny the very right of each and all UMNO members, and to further escalates the ever-growing dissatisfactions among UMNO members, young and old. (For whatever the DISSATISFACTIONS and its truth may be). The then perception (if postponed) among the Rakyat will be even worst. The very meaning and sole intent of DEMOCRACY shall slowly but truly VANISHED, the very moment UMNO (the government ruling party) ceased to believe in the need and principle and logic to have the UMNO election, as planned, by end of this year.
MB Mohamad Hassan has said it RIGHT, LOUD AND CLEAR. And its CRYSTAL CLEAR too about UMNO should face the PROBLEM heads-on instead of running away from it. And its CRYSTAL CLEAR too that MB Mohamad Hassan meant THE PROBLEM was THE PEOPLE WHO ARE LEADING THE PARTY,UMNO. And he meant TO FACE IT, PROVE IT AND NOT RUNNING AWAY FROM HAVING THE UMNO GENERAL ELECTION as scheduled.
MB Mohamad may be a small-fish among the UMNO's Supreme Council many type of bigger fishes; breathing in such polluted ocean. But his NUMBERS and ASSOCIATES whom shared the same desire and wishes are TOO MANY TOO POWERFUL and TOO SPIRITED to be over-looked. Not by PM Abdullah Badawi. Not by DPM Najib Tun Razak. Not even those power-mingling Cabinet or UMNO Supreme Council other members of YES-MEN.

As for Noraini, i reserved my comment. Shes among the first voicing out the support for the UMNO election to be postponed, ONLY LATER to retract it and made 360' turn, in agreement for the election to be as scheduled. I then realized, "Oh, shes from JOHOR...emm no wonder".

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