Monday, 7 April 2008


KUALA LUMPUR, April 6 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said today it was up to the relevant agency or department to take appropriate action on Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for alleged interference in the administration of justice when he was prime minister, if the allegations were true. He said any allegation or accusation backed by proof would be considered by the agency or department concerned for investigation and action. "If proven...we must not close eyes (and) say cannot (take action). If proven that it is (known), the matter must be considered by the government, important departments and agencies and if investigative action is needed, severe action must be taken. "That is the approach we take for everyone," he said. Abdullah said this to reporters after being asked about DAP chairman Karpal Singh calling on Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail to direct investigations into reports lodged against Dr Mahathir for alleged interference in the administration of justice.

This is actually the kind of episode we dont really need in such the political period as now, in Malaysia; when and while other countries (especially the US and OIC nations) are pulling their eyes closely onto our lids. Watching to put holes of opportunities unto our soil for that unseen agendas of theirs. PM Abdullah and Tun Mahathir had this long over-due poker game to settle, and now it seems, the cards are all about to open. This duel between two mega-maniac UMNO personalities, is much expected and has long been waited by many celebrity-like leaders especially those from the newly-formed PAKATAN RAKYAT. But Abdullah, to instruct agencies to investigate Tun Mahathir is a game made by a looser not a fighter. Im sure if Tun wants to open the well secretly kept black-diaries of all and each UMNO leaders during his 22 years as the Boss; he would had UMNO tumbling down, even worst, the government of Malaysia. But then again, im sure he wont do that, because he was much part of the scam too then. But does Tun Mahathir Mohamad has anything to lose? Maybe NOT, but his sons (political and business-like) would. Although, i do disagree with some of the actions (and bilingual stands) taken by Tun against the very institution (UMNO) he once built and moulded accordingly to his own successful standards and wishes; the very reason for Tun to do so and burning all bridges with PM Abdullah, is the very same reason shared and echoed by majority of the Rakyat (and UMNO members). But to some UMNO leaders whom, so damned worried by the relentless character assassinations by Tun on Abdullah Badawi (their Boss and President) and to take all arms against the former PM, is SOMEWHAT SURPRISING (and amusing) to me, since CHARACTER ASSASSINATION seems to be their best ever traits as UMNO politicians all this while. Bombarding whoever they like, whenever they want. KILLING not just those unfortunate others, rice and bowl (living), but also the killing-blow punches of MORALE AND FAMILY ATTACKS. Those UMNO leaders were HEARTLESS then, laughing at others that succumbed to their feet. But now the HEATS look too much to handle. Coming from an 80 years ol' heart-operated breathless Ol' HERO (a villain too) by the name Tun Mahathir, whom used to be among them; now against them. But trust me, Tun Mahathir is not without allies, both in and outside UMNO. The best thing for Abdullah Badawi to do now is to wait for the UMNO election, and let UMNO decides. If he came out victorious, he then can shoves everything back into Mahathir's mouth. But if he lost, he might as well bring his son in law Khairy Jamaludin together with him, before the Ol' Man Tun Mahathir and the Rakyat and band of traitors of his so-called YES-MEN in UMNO, start another unforgiving chapter of character assassinations. Any way it may goes (win or lose), Abdullah is still the biggest looser.

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