Monday, 24 March 2008


Speaking to the press after a closed-door meeting with 1,500 central delegates, Koh was merciless in analysing Gerakan’s whitewash in Penang, and similarly disastrous performance nationwide where it won only two parliamentary and four state seats. Koh blamed the party’s dismal performance to its leaders losing touch with the grassroots as well as arrogance of power in BN. He said due to their busy schedule as government officials, the needs of the rakyat were neglected. The general election results were also due to the peoples dissatisfaction of perceived arrogance of power within BN, especially over certain Umno leaders whom through their words or actions have resulted in resentment, he said, adding that BN also needed to change its way in order to survive.

It takes a LEADER to accept the RESPONSIBILITY of a DEFEAT. It takes a MAN to ADMIT it. And both Koh Tsu Koon and GERAKAN have done it extremely well in both departments. By pointing out the TRUTH about arrogance being the main reason for the defeat.Koh Tsu Koon is not a Malay, but he puts even the so-called piously Malay UMNO leaders TO SHAME. He sets the example that should be followed by all BN leaders. More important, was the fact that by doing what he did, he ACKNOWLEDGED what the RAKYAT wanted. And put the very meaning of WORK FOR THE RAKYAT and RESPECT THE RAKYAT, so much true. And he done it in such a POLITE, HUMBLE and TRUE-GENTLEMAN's way. TOO LATE, it came at a price. He should reflect those more often during his and his BN sweet confident-liked reigned of cronies and ARROGANCE days in Penang.

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