Saturday, 22 March 2008


KUALA LUMPUR: Newly appointed Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek wants to meet bloggers to better understand their role in nation-building.
Ahmad Shabery, speaking at his first press conference at the ministry yesterday, said he would place the meeting at the top of his agenda, as requested by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
"In a few weeks, we will invite all the bloggers to meet to better understand their sentiments and give them an avenue to express themselves," he said.
Ahmad Shabery said the government had come to recognise the role of alternative media such as the Internet and blogs, which enjoyed freedom of expression and had a large following.
"This was evident in the run-up to the general election. The public went to the Internet to gain real-time information, instead of relying on government-run, private or even foreign-run television news stations," he said, in reference to the middle-class majority who appeared to have cast protest votes against the Barisan Nasional government.
"This is also happening in the United States presidential race."
Asked if his ministry would invite bloggers who appeared to be aligned to parties other than BN, Ahmad Shabery said: "We have to be realistic and sincere. Their views may differ from us.
"They are individuals with a new set of ideals. If there is something newsworthy, I don't see anything wrong in them posting it."
He said the ministry would also review television news content to cater for all types of viewers, especially the vernacular groups.
"While we will continue with the policies of the previous administration, we will be more transparent and open to changes in our bid to improve on any weaknesses."

To participate in such invitation is the first pathetic step in opening up to one party IDEOLOGIES, PRINCIPLES, PROPAGANDAS and PROCESS of NEUTRALIZATIONS.
BLOGGING is SELF-OPINION-ORIENTED writing. And by penning our thoughts, facts or lies, we are in a way CONTRACTED TO THAT BLOGGING NATURE and RESPONSIBILITIES.
Bloggers have only ONE SIDE and ONE BELIEF only. That is OF HIS or HER OWN. Unless we SHARED the common GOAL and INTEREST, the idea of forming even a so-called BAND OF BLOGGERS is WRONG .
We unite in what we BELIEVED, we say of what we personally THOUGHT OF and we DID IT OUR WAY. Not someone else's way.

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