Friday, 4 July 2008


Malaysia’s standard of STATUTORY DECLARATION has nose-dived into its lowest and most shameful.
Just as I did an article touching on the matter pertaining to the current health of this particular legal instrument called STATUTORY DECLARATION yesterday; it has now becoming a real malaria kind of diseases and TURNING the whole legal aspect of integrity of the said instrument and its system or act in place, in Malaysia, into SHAMEFUL SHAMELESS JOKES.
The makers or subscribers to the Statutory Declaration, the so-called advising lawyers (legal practitioners) and the politicians cum enforcers, and too does the one who simply stamped and signed the Statutory Declaration for the sake of ensuring any HEARSAY made possible for a mere price of RM5.00 (ONLY!); are to be blamed for this NEW CIRCUS IN TOWN. They have no absolute shame in making mockery out of what supposed to be a sacred, trusted and respected legal tendering document. They recklessly used every loopholes found in one particular instrument, to the best joy and thrill they could ever had. These irresponsible few POLITICAL ACTORS and FACILITATORS, have had no respect for millions suffering Malaysians whom they dragged into by holding the very essence of MALAYSIA LAW AND ORDER and more importantly TRUST, in the circus act of hanging those, upside down. These HERRINGS and PREDATORS portrayed themselves as ANGELS and CRUSADERS to cloud our fragile judgments and senses, into believing something which is actually nothing to begin with. At the end of the ‘not  so brightest’ day, they ‘the brightest of all’ would (most probably) got themselves well and handsomely paid with dollars and cents, while we keep on adding suffering into our already suffered livelihoods.
YESTERDAY, a person by the name Balsubramaniam a/l Perumal made a Statutory Declaration in the presence of the Crusaders Brigade which consisted of Malaysia Head of Opposition Force, DATO SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM, Anwar’s ‘knows about everything’ lawyer R. SIVARA, Balasubramaniam’s lawyer AMERICK SINGH SIDHU and a barrage of local and foreign journalist.
TODAY, less than 24 hours later, that same person (Balsubramaniam a/l Perumal) who made that solemnly declared Statutory Declaration yesterday, put every and each one Malaysian in NAKED AND DISBELIEF, WHEN HE, Balsubramaniam a/l Perumal, made a SUDDEN RETRACTS of part of his given Statutory Declaration under the pretext (or excuse) that he has BEEN FORCED and/or BEEN UNDER DURESS to come out with the earlier declared Statutory Declaration.
Has he been forced to come out with the earlier Statutory Declaration, mindless the contents which were much of a hearsay or been informed by things, rather than facts? On what ground did one has the capability to force him to do so? Didn’t he has any concern of what repercussion and consequence may be fallen onto him and million other Malaysians? Why the sudden retract then?
The on-going obsessive and abusive usages of Statutory Declaration as a tool to promote malicious intent (and maybe lies) and by ways of integrating HEARSAY as the core legalised part in such a Statutory Declaration is, has made Malaysia a laughing stock, not just among Malaysians but sadly too, to the visiting and concerning foreigners as well.
The accusers, subscribers, politicians and lawyers involved should stop and ponder upon the whole shenanigans for a while. What benefit does it bring to the already tainted legal and judiciary acumens and systems we had? And what pain-stopping remedy does it has to heal the current suffering of the 27mils Malaysians, which is getting worse by day? IF NONE, then we Malaysians simply have to just STOP buying all these cheap stunt and acting, ONCE AND FOR ALL. Or else, we shall all be gullible no less than we have been before.
And thanks to Balasubramaniam, he has proven it to be so SADLY but unbelievably TRUE.

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Daniel said...

Why is this happening?

Dont we have a proper rules regarding this SD?

Like this then anyone can make a false SD.