Tuesday, 1 July 2008


“Our ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS have been widespread in various blogs since 2 days ago. wat was supposed to be one of our own privately cherished memories are now being used as tools to further fuel speculations by irrespensible parties. FOR THOSE WHO STOOD FOR ME, i give my greatest thanks. but i say again, i will stand by his side thru it all. our engagement photos being posted on blogs is just d tip of d iceberg. i am well aware of the monstrous battle that is looming ahead. we will weather it out. insyallah we will come thru alright. NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL.”
Those above are the words written by one, JANNA SYARIZA MOHD ZAKI (verification needed) in her blog titled ‘a step in my Pink Mary Jane”. Janna is the fiancé to MOHD SAIFUL BUKHARI AZLAN, the guy who lodged a police report against PKR De Facto Leader and the most talked about politician, most probably throughout the whole South East Asia region currently now; DATO SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM.
Janna most probably had gone through one of the most critical period of her life and expectedly, one of the most mentally and physically tiring by virtue of being the soul attachment (fiancé) to currently the most famous 23-year old guy in Malaysia.
IF those words by the person name Janna Mohd Zaki in her said blog are for real, then the innocent Janna will stand by her man Saiful Bukhari for better or worse and for her to already knew what the coming battles, outcomes and accusations shall be, and prepared for the worst. In doing so, she too most probably know the truth. To take and analyze Janna’s saying “…no matter how long it takes. Justice will prevail” is giving the assumed innocence of Saiful Bukhari, CREDIBILITY. IF NOT, it makes no sense for a fine, educated and sensible gal (Janna) to put herself in the firing line just for the sake of standing up for another man’s scandal. She believed in Saiful Bukhari. Hence she should have known something that we obviously don’t.
Few others of Janna Mohd Zaki's friends have also started making topics of the same in defence of Janna. They have started some sorts of a little crusade especially against irresponsible those who published the picture of their friend Janna and those who are cashing popularity and publicity on it.
(Read here) (and here) (and of course here too)
In another development of the same kind, Cyber News-Portal Malaysiakini has published a so-called encounter with one who claims to be the uncle to the 23 years old victim, Saiful Bukhari Azlan at Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.
"But I BELIEVE in Saiful. He is a good kid and all that he has done, he has done with HONESTY. I just got back from Perak and we've not been in touch but I KNOW WHY HE LODGED THE REPORT." Said the uncle.
Teary-eyed, the uncle said that his nephew reported the matter as he WANTED TO EXPOSE the PKR leader FOR WHAT HE WAS. When asked about Saiful's alleged links to Umno politicians, the uncle brushed them off.

"We've got no help or connections with Umno. All he wanted to do is to expose the heinous crime."
Its looks like the scope and spectrum of this issue has taken a step further.
With Janna unscathed believes in Saiful Bukhari and standing up for the man and his deed. And the so-called Uncle putting the family's trust in Saiful Bukhari and supports his nephew’s intention of exposing the unknown. Plus the then hiding of Anwar, taking a desperate refuge in a foreign embassy and the surprising inclusion of a 23-year old handsome young male (Saiful Bukhari) with only a ‘3 months old know-by’ into Anwar’s circle of friends to subsequently becomes a Special Assistant; have put the ball so much, so clearly and so obviously now in Anwar Ibrahim’s court.
Until today, not one members of Anwar’s circle has come out to explain on why a guy they have only known for 3 short months, can be so surprisingly closed to Anwar? Why a guy whom they knew and claimed to be a Barisan Nasional’s (BN) planted mole can be closed to Anwar without proper monitoring and prior actions taken? How can such a careful, cautious and well taken care, Anwar Ibrahim be so careless to let this Saiful Bukhari type of personality to foot in and be rewarded with such post (Special Assistant)?. IF all the leaders of PKR regarded this Saiful Bukhari as SCUM and of no use to PKR other than just an ORDINARY volunteer, WHY DID THEN Anwar Ibrahim look at him differently and of EXTRA-ORDINARY, worth enough to be appointed as an aide?
Saiful Bukhari NOW has the most IMPORTANT, SIGNIFICANT and most NEEDED SUPPORTS to get on, of all, his life. The supports from the people who love him, care for him and know him inside-out more than any one of us can tell of him. The FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE in the basis of supports given to SAIFUL BUKHARI and ANWAR IBRAHIM, is that THE LATTER is so much POLITICALLY in smell and nature and reason. While THE FORMER has nothing except the UNDIVIDED TRUSTS FROM HIS LOVED ONES.


Anonymous said...

Fucking Anwar Ibrahim!!! Thats what he is and was! Cant stop fucking into other people interest..other people life...and other people holes!!!

p/s: Sorry for the vulgarities but those i have to say...

azie151082 said...

Hi there.

Good writing. Not particularly sided with anyone and which is good.

Can you get that girl janahh to slip something of informations to you such as whether is true Anwar did those things?

It would help us a lot u know.

Wakmasnoor said...

I can't and won't do that.

Sorry Azie.

Wakmasnoor said...


understand the feelings but the lashes wont do you any good.


Anonymous said...

I love him... got his contact?

Wakmasnoor said...

Hi edi.

He's the 'man of the hour'. For that, we all do...

Anonymous said...

Who fuck Anwar Ibrahim,FUCK YOU then . You stupid moron!Iam not into anwar ibrahim or whatsoever . Even if people tell me Mahathir or Nazri Aziz sodomised people,I wont believe it . Even I hate them . This is not about who sodom who,this is a fall down of a system,system which allows moron like you being sodomised by the government which is handled by also Moron and Evil . Where is the police and all their forensic when Raja Petra lodge such a statutory declaration accusing Rosmah and Najib ?? Today PI of Razak Baginda lodged one more statutory declaration against Najib . We will see how this system pay all of you moron . Do you think sodomise the 23 year old is an easy job . Try bring down ur 23 yrs old friend with force,and try open his fucking hole,see u can do it or not .

Wakmasnoor said...

Dear Anon...

Yeah you are absolutely RIGHT. Nobody is into Anwar allrite...although you sounds like one.

This case is first and foremost has nothing to do with your so-called system. This is practically simply about ONE M'SIAN AGAINST ANOTHER M'SIAN. Whats so hard to even accept that then?

Nobody is indulging more into whatever system or conspiracy OTHER than our dear Anwar himself. He is the one who drags everything into anything... Why cant he just stood simply for what is brought upon and not making something out of what could probably has nothing to do at all...

I respect your argument and stand. And hope you do respect others as well... Everyone have their own reason as to why and what. But it shall help us a lot, to wait for the outcome of the on-going investigations, before instigating war on others and instead of harping on others at fault and being the evil ones...


Anonymous said...

oh i think ur so stupid?!!i mean, even everyone knows how justice is done in malaysia.i dont side anyone but i really can see how its being done and how fabricated everything is. even if the results come, everyone wont be much suurprised because after all who can buy all these people right? including that stupid saiful bahri or whatever. and he looks gay too..im sure he didi with someone else and end up accusing some one else just for his own fucking sake..gosh i really cant believe what malaysians think. jesus.

Anonymous said...

so, i suppose you agree when a report is made against BN leaders, its ok that no/slow action is taken by the police. But when a report is made against PR leaders, immediate/super fast action and widest media coverage should be taken and given. this is what you call an ok system?

Wakmasnoor said...

Dear Anon...

Its all about perception and perspective.

You are, however, free to express yours.

Thanks...and do make yourself as at home.

Daud said...

Sorry, I don't believe in what Saiful said. He appears more like a schemer and a liar. I am not a supporter of Anwar, and I think Saiful really looks likeable, too.


1. A strong 23 yo guy like Saiful is hard to bring down with force, more so if an old man such as Anwar tried to penetrate Saiful's backside??? Does it make sense? Unless Saiful is under some kind of alchoholic indulgence or being drugged? But this was not discussed on our media.

2. Saiful looks really calm. If one was sodomized, naturally a lot more guys would want to keep low profile because of the shame that was brought upon him. Saiful did not seem shy at all, he was most of the time looked really jubilant, even flambuoyant. Does he look sodomized, he looks great like a Malay pop singer!

3. Then let's boil down to hard facts - medical, those we can wait and see. Even if medical reports (hopefully Malaysian's system is sound) said that Saiful being entered from behind, how do you prove that it was Anwar and not others? Maybe Saiful was already a gay guy himself and enjoyed this practice with some other guy friends of his, we don't know? So Anwar annot be proven guilty unless with hard evidence.

4. 66% of Malaysians, as in the Merdeka report, did not believe in this and more keen to believe that the whole event is a political conspiracy against Anwar.

5. Janna looks like an innocent girl and a very loyal girlfriend. Maybe even ignorant duped by the scheming boyfriend. Respect for her and wish her have a clear mind and conscience to do waht she needs to do for her own good.

Again, I stress that I am no supporter of Anwar, but Saiful's credibility really look weak... very weak....

Anonymous said...

Meeting Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) II Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof 3 days before makign the report
Rodwan is the same police officer who was involved in fabricating the 1998 sodomy allegation against Anwar

Saiful’s meeting with DPM before making the report. Which DPM denies then later confirms

Dr.Osman’s report showing no sodomy, now doctor is missing with his family

60 + year old man manages sodomize a 23 old not once, not twice but eight times.

You talk about Its all about perception and perspective.
Can you tell what the average Malaysian is thinking now. As Anon said every Malaysian knows how justice is done in Malaysia.

You know what I think, this is drop out who's only future is to become a coffee boy decided to follow his father's plan (yes we know what his real father's job is aka Mr.fix it) to make some money and at the same time bring down Najib and Anwar.
Can you please explain to me this factor. How can an old man with back problem do this to a 23 year old guy.
Nobody in Saiful's camp seems to wants to answer this.

Anonymous said...

Hey show the photo with your beloved Anwar Ibrahim. Screenshot a picture of your passport from the signature of thai government.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. It is interesting to see various comments here. My personal view on this is if one is being accused by someone in doing crime, the first thing one should do is to defend himself and to prove he is innocent. Since the first time the sodomise issue been brough up years ago, Mr. Anwar has never defend himself. All he's been saying is that there is a conspiracy againts him. Now, the same issue is being brought up again and Mr. Anwar keep on saying there is a conspiracy againts him. Being a high profile person, well-educated as well as a person with strong background, he should know what to do and what isn't. Watching the video clips during his campaign nationwide, all i can see is he keep on telling people the conpiracy issue, condemned other people and bla bla bla. Is this the type of person Malaysian wants to be the PM? Im not saying the current leadership is good or bad. But looking at the way Mr. Anwar campainging, i think all of us should sit back and think carefully. Personally, i dun mind someone else eyeing the PM post but definitely not Mr. Anwar. I believe he doesnt have the credibility as well as the charisma of being a leader. My advise to Mr. Anwar, prove to Malaysian you are innocent. Once you are innocent, retaliate and prove to us the conspiracy you been telling all this while. Then, i believe malaysian would accept you as their PM.


Anonymous said...

I can see the Malaysian legal concept of innocent until proven guilty does not apply to UMNO supporters. The burden of prove lies with the prosecutor to proof the defended is guilty.
Now Saiful is saying is it consensual sex and not forced sex as he kept claiming and even wanted to swear on the Quran. What's more Saiful is not being charged. What Anwar was saying is 100% true, this is conspiracy againts him.
Only an idiot would believe its not.
Does Janna still stands by her man?

harris said...

to Mr.Anonymous who doesnt want Anwar to be leader. I think your statement totally unfair. You just said something that only to condemmed. I think he has said enough. I don't know why you can't see it. i think he has prove enough. This time it was so different from the previous one. Yes, he did said about conspiracy. but conspiracy is the main point. whatelse do you think it's about.I have lots of friends who doesnt like anwar, even my brother in law hate him so much. but everyone knows he's a good speaker. Got strong credibility. I think you should sit back and think about it. i think you just hate him, and just quote only the bad thing about him.
like most people here, i too not anwars supporters. but i really sure he didn't do it.
I would like to add more about this Saiful guy. In relation to a meeting with Najib, i don't understand, how come he gets so easy to meet the Deupty prime minister just to get scholarship/loan from the him. FYI, im related to Najib tun Razak. but i neva met him all my life... wut da ya guys think?

Anonymous said...

Yes - that's why don't want to live in Malaysia anymore. I would rather change my citizen rather than be Malaysian.

I am Malaysian myself and moved to UK when Anwar case was first brought up in 1998, since then I have no confidence in Police or even Malaysian goverment. I do hope BN will be gone and replace with more open and democratic goverment. DONT CARE who FUCK who but if the system is only for one sided then If you say you NAJIB Fuck you then you will be in JAIL not him...

Anonymous said...

I would've given Saiful the benefit of the doubt but when he took to swearing upon the holy quran, he lost me there. To be using the name of Allah and the holy Quran may it be for political or criminal end has shown me what a truly despicable character the dropout proves to be. And for those who condone such acts goes to show how we have sunk to the lowest ebb in this country.

Anonymous said...

about saiful's credibilty,

perhaps one should investigate his notorious reputation in UNITEN mpp
( majlis perwakilan pelajar).surely a student who was expelled from the university speaks volume of his traits.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

There is a saying that when a cow doesn't want to drink water, you can't force its head down. I can't imaging how Old Anwar standing behind this strong tall young man and demand : Hey Boy, stripe down n bend your body, I want u to assist me in doing backbone exercise!. He should be running for his life!. The only possibility is handsome Saiful is tired of eating Meggi mee and wanted to try Sotong mee. And on the other hand old Anwar had a black eye experience from a similar Sotong mee business if proven guilty, should be castrated for committing the same mistake. He should be aware of the seriousness and should know that he is allergic to Sotong. However, "proven guilty" I guess can be arguable, who knows DNA sample was take from the old case and treat it as new one, because politics is very very dirty, especially in ...... YAK! I fill like vomiting!

point0 said...

Dr. M,

Anwar was falsely accused the first time in 1998. Now he is being accused again based on the same issue. My question is: How can we choose NOT to side with Anwar this time?

I wonder who falsely accused him other than the one who said "Yang jelaslah saya tangkap Anwar... Saya tangkap Anwar dan buangnya ke dlm penjara"

Politics aside, Saiful's testimony is very shaky. You see, semen cannot stay in the anus for 2 days... also, I highly doubt Saiful can withstand two days of not passing motion.

Another point is if it was consensual, Saiful would be committing suicide by reporting Anwar's 'crime'... If it is NOT consensual, Saiful should and can fight Anwar off. Why should he be able to fight him off easily?

1. Anwar is an old man. 60 years old vs 24 year old... its no question who is more agile and strong.

2. Anwar had his pants down. One strike to the privates will give Saiful all the time he needs to waltz to the door and get out of there.

Anonymous said...

Where is Janna now? Do you still believe in Saiful?