Saturday, 10 May 2008


The people of Malaysia were upset with YB Karpal Singh (from DAP) for his remarks made in reference to the Sultan of Perak involvements in the controversial reinstatement of Datuk Jamry Sury as the Islamic Religious Affairs Department Head of Perak . Voicing the same sentiment in condemning Karpal was UMNO of course. Too, within expectation, were the GPMS, Belia 4B and many other Malay based organizations. PAS following the lead of its Rakyat who openly too criticized Karpal; can be expected to show the same kind in silent anxious. Maybe (PAS) waiting for further exploiting and insulting by Karpal, before stamping their HUDUD on that ‘Man of the Hour’.
What surprises many is the hiding and calculating (and cautious) stand taken by Karpal owns Party, the DAP. Not a single word or statement is made by anyone among the many vocal and vibrant leaders including the ever-so-hot and provocative Lim Kit Siang in defense of Karpal or the issue in hand. As quoted by Karpal himself (in a press conference at his office in Kuala Lumpur yesterday) saying “My own party leaders have not condemned me for saying what I said. On the other hand, they have not come out openly to support me, which is unfortunate,”. “When it comes to the crunch, the party must, should stand by its chairman as long as the chairman is telling the truth,” he added. source
It wasn’t just you Mr Karpal, in bewilderment. Im afraid, so did thousands of others in DAP. Or perhaps you were indeed making a wrong move a bit too early on your own afterall.
The bigger surprise came in the shape of a Malay majority based party called PKR. They are not just being so absolutely surprisingly quiet on this matter. But they seemed to be almost taken aback in horrifying manner and taken by surprised out of their other main agendas in progress by this unnecessarily initiated issue by Karpal. To further the confusions and heads-banging, the issue was of that involving both the Monarchy (Sultan) and Malays. This is a definite problem for PKR. And we can easily understand WHY. For the very reason of their stated 17 commandments (Matlamat & Asas Perjuangan PKR) which spelt the need for the Sultan as follows: (under subject No 2): Menyemai rasa hormat untuk sistem Raja Berperlembagaan, memperkukuhkan Demokrasi Berparlimen dan menyokong hak dan kuasa rakyat, serentak dengan usaha berterusan untuk meningkatkan rangka politik negara sesuai dengan harapan dan kepentingan rakyat; source
And for the very reason of protecting both the Malays ownership and influence in PKR. Thus to support Karpal shall be seen as against the Sultan, the commandment of the party (Matlamat & Asas Perjuangan PKR) and the majority of its Malay members who do still have the highest regards and respects for the Sultans.
To not supporting Karpal shall be misconstrued by the non-malays (and members of DAP) as untrustworthy partner whom still has more of UMNO traits and ways of doing thing inside it afterall. But of course, PKR can take relief by pointing out the fact that nothing has been done by DAP itself. So why must PKR and PAS bother to initiate any.
So the game of silent has now begin. From a mere smarting and fishing for popularity by the weary Karpal, to now of those bigger consequences and stakes involving not just himself, most probably in court, but also the bond, trust, principles and ethics of the so-called DAP, PKR and PAS COALITION. Well COLLIDING sounds better and about coming too.
Until then…expect this SOUND OF SILENCE to remain SILENT on the outside but not the inside. But more important than anything else...ENJOY THE SILENCE.


Anonymous said...

Interesting opinion. Kapal*sink* is really sinking la.

Letting the time pass me by said...

Bro.. Did you forgot to put your thumbs up/down comment? Anyway, I sometimes felt that many citizen may have wrong perception in defining the true Malaysian spirit.

I think the basis of the Merdeka spirit is still fundamental to the Malaysia's social balance, and it need to be understand with greater sence of patriotisme. Malaysian must understand the culture and the social balance to ensure that the country would enjoy economic and social stability.

Maybe Karpal is trying to gauge the market on his Malaysian philoshopy and it seems, the idea is still not widely accepted. But I think, with regards to the Sultan issue, no matter what, as Malaysian, we need to have a proper respect for the Sultan.

If anyone can just say his mind on the Sultan, it can be perceived as showing some disrespect to the institution.

Maybe at the moment most of us are really confused and just cannot concentrate on any real issue.

Anonymous said...

Anwar ngan Karpal dua2 sama je. Penuh muslihat dan teori bagi menegakkan agenda tersendiri mereka.