Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Ratepayers in Selangor can forget about the 20 per cent reduction in assessment and the 10 per cent reduction in commercial property tax this year as the state government will not be able to deliver on its promise made in the recent general election.
Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said it was not feasible to implement the rate cuts as the state's economy had not reached a desirable level.
Any reduction this year could have a negative financial impact on the state government.

Its the most simple and correctly proven and oftenly used WISDOM in the world. 'DO NOT PROMISE WHAT YOU CANT DELIVER'.
At the end of the day, REALITY bites.

Khalid was right that it was not feasible to implement the rate cuts as the state's economy had not reached a desirable level. Not Feasible means it is wisely not to do the tax cut. But technically, it can be done.
So now that Khalid and co. have the chance to administer a state; he now knows how difficult it was since, to really governs a state. The act of balancing expenditures and incomes. Promoting healthy financial concepts and controls while keeping viable revenues intact and growing. And to please the Rakyat and fulfilling own political needs and bank's account.
What about the made promises and the now seemingly irrelevant election Manifests? Politicians are all the same. They promise you bridge even where there is no river to build upon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wak.

Hope Khalid can keep the promise next year. We shall wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Semua ahli politik same je.

Janji2 palsu dan membuta tuli. BN, PKR, PAS, DAP ... semua same je.

Anjang Aki.

razalibon said...

Wak nak tanya sikit. Kamu ni blogger opposition ke gomen? Bukan apa, sekejap against umno...then against Pkr.

Bagi la chance kat Khalid. Tengok tahun depan camne. Ada kemajuan tak? Kalau tak kita sama2 pakat letakkan jawatan dia Wak.

Wakmasnoor said...

Sdr Razali.

Cukuplah sekadar memberitahu yang saya AMAT PRIHATIN terhadap perjuangan dan agenda Melayu.